Andrew Mechkoff-Nolte

I craft seamless connections between marketing, product & engineering.

Hello, I'm Drew, a design leader specializing in tailor-made, data-driven solutions.

With 15 years of experience, I've helped run an agency, validated MVPs, grow and staff startups, and dedicated my free time to supporting literacy causes.

I'm passionate about unlocking business potential through crafting impactful experiences and beautiful products. Collaborative in nature, I thrive in environments that unite creatives, developers, marketers, analysts, and operational minds. I'm currently leading the tech and product teams at ThirdHome as Chief Product Officer and Interim Chief Technology Officer.

I'd love to explore your product, business, or investment ideas with you. Feel free to reach out, I'm always excited to connect and discuss innovative ideas.

Shaped by design, products, people, and giving.

From crafting with ink to building with code, here's how I approach the world.

Design Philosophy

Trained in traditional print design, I've screen printed in my closet, 3D printed letterpress blocks, and helped set preflight and align industrial offset litho presses for the last independently owned newspaper in America. Good design is rooted in a deep understanding of the tools, medium, and process. In a product and tech driven company, this means understanding the tech stack, infrastructure, and the needs of the users, employees, and the broader business. It's about creating solutions that are not only technically sound but also deeply resonate with those who interact with them.

Product Philosophy

My product philosophy is Bayesian at its core: committing to data-driven decisions, continuous testing, and iterative refinement to stay agile and relevant in evolving markets. Complacency has no place; what succeeds today might not tomorrow. Every good product and tech team needs an empowered data scientist working alongside them. More than optimizing for conversions, product design is about creating delightful experiences that build and sustain meaningful relationships with users and stakeholders.

Team Building / Empowering

I believe in empowering teams to develop their own processes. With over a decade of remote work experience, I've learned that all good remote teams are built on trust. It's not enough to just believe in your team's capabilities, you have to actively support and understand them. Respect everyone's differences and different working needs. Part of this involves finding everyone a mentor and encouraging career growth, even if that means they eventually outgrow the team and move on. Ultimately, it's about the collective growth and development of your team and its members.


I am dedicated to giving back to literacy, art, and poetry communities by offering my expertise in web technology, branding, and design to various literary journals and nonprofits. My collaborations include notable names like F(r)iction, Swamp Pink (formerly known as Crazy Horse), Copper Nickel, among others. Through these partnerships, I strive to blend the worlds of art and technology, helping to amplify the voices and visions of creative entities.

Featured Projects

Finding a path of lifelong growth.

Insights and lessons from years of evolving through design, development, and leadership roles.

Undergraduate(BFA commercial art, writing, photography)

Taught me to learn from my fellow students. The design and printing classes taught the mechanics, but my fellow students showed me how to listen and observe and learn from everyone around me.

Community College(AA)

To free up time at my university, I completed an Associates degree over the summer between my first and second university years. I learned the value of inclusive learning spaces and surrounded myself with lifelong learners at any and all stages in careers and life.

Graduate School(MFA in poetry)

Poetry taught me to think critically about every word, the flow of the words on the page, and the emotional connection required to convey meaning. I learned to write critically and economically.

Marketing Designer

Know your craft. Learned every process, made connections on the whole chain from content generation to design resources to physical production. The hands-on experience with preflight and plate-making, coupled with direct interaction with the pressmen, enriched my understanding of the print design process.

Web Designer/Developer

Worked full time while finishing my Graduate degree. Was hired on the strength of my design portfolio, and allowed to teach myself on the job. Learned how to teach myself and build technical skills from the ground up.

Agile League Partner

Owned my work and my process, did great work and clients kept recommending us. Our business thrived on a self-crafted flywheel. Learned lean coding, agile methodology, rails development, managing contractors and clients, how to hand off successful MVPs, and how products fail.


My focus was on scaling the internal team and pushing for high-quality design and product development. How to push for good design and product ideation, backed with data, testing, and feedback cycles. Learned how to create models, budgets, and projections based on data.