Hi, I'm Drew.

I'm a creative who mixes design, development, and product management.

I started my design career working as the marketing designer for one of the last independently owned newspapers in the country. Cutting my teeth on designing billboards, promotional materials, and booklets helped pay my way through graduate school at Colorado State University, where I received and MFA in Creative Writing, focusing on poetry.

While at CSU, the College of Liberal Arts took a chance on hiring a designer with no web experience as their web developer, based on my print portfolio. I was in an autonomous position in the IT department and had the ability to learn and develop my own priorities for our web presence. I modernized the College and moved them from very outdated table-based static pages to WordPress and learned front end development, focusing heavily on usability standards. I also started a paid internship program with the art department that had a 100% job placement rate with graduates.

After graduating, I moved on to become a partner and head creative for the Agile League, a Ruby on Rails/Agile focused development studio. After six years of working with startups to help build MVPs, the Agile League onboarded with one of our biggest clients, THIRDHOME, where I am currently focused on scaling the design, ux, and product teams as the company grows.

While not helping design and build web products, I married a horse enthusiast and moved to a hobby farm, where I now spend too much time in a barn. I work on learning new technology, support the literary arts and literacy programs with probono work, and trying(but mostly failing) to wear out my two sons after school.